iStock_61212124_LARGEYour Preferred Team for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Projects in Chicago and Beyond

In such a dynamic environment like Chicago, it pays to go with a team of seasoned real estate professionals who have years of experience developing multi-million dollar projects.

When partnering with the team at Pinnacle Group, you have the advantage of on-site specialists who will stay on top of all details both large and small throughout all phases of development.

Benefits of Working with Pinnacle Group

iStock_73651231_LARGEProspering in real estate investments requires a multi-faceted approach in order to make the most of your resources.

To that end, we have assembled a powerful team of experts with the knowledge, connections and deep understanding of all the moving parts that must be coordinated in major Chicago real estate investment opportunities.

  • We are a real estate brokerage, investment, property management, development company, syndicator, and consulting firm that has acquired, constructed and marketed more than $100 million of residential real estate across the country.
  • Was the lead developer for Chicago Condominium Developers on a $65 million high-rise multifamily development in downtown Chicago and a $25 million mixed use development on the south side of Chicago.
  • Projects range from luxury single family homes, both new construction and vintage restoration on up to multi-unit, mid-rise condominium developments. We have owned and managed more than $50 million in residential and commercial real estate throughout Chicago.
  • Our experienced staff manages all aspects of every project, including site selection, property analysis, property inspection, zoning, design and planning, financing and construction along with marketing and sales.
  • All long-term management services are managed in-house. The process is streamlined and designed to save our clients money and time.
  • We trend towards providing quality housing in an area where the market is in high demand.
  • Our vision is to provide above average investment returns based on an acceptable degree of risk, applied through proven portfolio management disciplines, while always achieving first quartile performance from a general service perspective.
  • We aim to provide first class investment management services to select individuals, offering balanced, equity and fixed income portfolio management for individuals, institutions and corporations.
  • We carefully consider all projects until we thoroughly understand the objectives and then we define a solid strategy for success.
  • We establish a partnership with our members and create a high standard of care in responding to their personal needs and objectives.
  • Our experienced team of investment professionals works as a close-knit group, ensuring that each client's portfolio receives the constant attention it deserves. With regular communication, we set the stage for a mutually successful relationship.

Creating a new real estate project in a major market like Chicago requires working with a team of talented and knowledgeable investment professionals to get the best possible terms. For more information on our services or to begin work on a new project, please contact Pinnacle Group today.